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2024 Vision Board Execution Bash

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I'll See You In Court!

🏛️ Presenting: The Vision Board Court Bash –Where Dreams Are Executed with Precision! 

🎉🔨 Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen! You stand accused of harboring grand dreams, setting ambitious goals, and expressing a fervent desire to achieve them.

However, our witness testimonies reveal a divergence from the path of goal attainment over the past few years.

  • The vision board from last year? Concealed in the depths of your closet.

  • That planner you invested in. Its pages remain untouched.

  •  As for the money set aside for savings. It mysteriously found its way into the abyss of online  shopping.  

The hour has arrived for you to present your case in the Planning Court, where your innocence (or guilt) shall be determined. Concurrently, an arrest warrant looms over you. It is imperative that you promptly report to the Planning County Jail for the commencement of booking and processing! 🚓🔐

📆 Save the Date:

  • Date: January 27, 2024

  • Time: 1PM – 5PM

  • Location: West Midtown Atlanta – details given upon registration

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Don't sentence yourself to another year of unfulfilled goals. Are you ready to witness your dreams go on trial and leave with a self created vision board along with a surprise spin.

 Join us at the Vision Board Court Bash for an unforgettable day of creativity, laughter, focus and dream manifestation!

🎈 Why Attend?

  • Strategic Planning Expertise:

             - You will be guided into translating your goals into actionable plans for tangible results.

  • Customized Vision Board Experience:

           -  Create a personalized vision board tailored to your specific goals, enhancing clarity and  motivation for                  successful execution.

  • Motivational Community Support:

           - A community of like-minded individuals for motivation, inspiration, and mutual accountability to boost               your goal execution journey

🎟️ Get Your Tickets Now: Don't miss out on the trial of a lifetime! Secure your spot at the Vision Board  Court Bash and let the celebration of dreams begin for only $49

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tickets on sale now!

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